Designing a Vacation Home in the Floridian Seaside Style

IMG_2061There’s obviously a lot to love about a vacation home. But from the viewpoint of a designer – or anyone who loves design – a second home is especially appealing.

Designing a vacation home gives you the opportunity to pursue an entirely different style than the one you chose in the home you live in every day.

That’s what vacation is about, right? It’s our chance to cast aside the lives we live the rest of the year in favor of fun and adventure.

Vacation homes in sunny, beachy areas like Destin, Fla., are particularly fun for designers. Many owners, like my client, Janice, are looking for a design theme inspired by sea and sand.

IMG_2056I met Janice two years ago when she hired me to design the cabana at her condo. She knew then that she wanted to renovate the condo, and we soon embarked on that adventure together.

The renovation started with an inspiration piece – the TV console custom made by Steven Shell.

Inspired by the Floridian lifestyle, Janice told me she wanted the design to feature elements of the seaside life.

She loved the idea of a blue and gray color scheme that was reminiscent of the ocean, with touches of sea glass colors and a splash of yellow.

Since my client and I both live here in Belleville, we did our early meetings here and made many of our design selections far from the sunny beaches of Florida.

We chose a dark gray tile that resembles large wood planks. The floor compliments the kitchen cabinets, which we had painted white with a charcoal finish.  The counter top is a beautiful blue and green granite, and the mosaic backsplash is stunning.

The shell light fixtures are one of my favorite elements. They definitely incorporate the seaside theme!

When my client went to the condo in the winter, we messaged each other often to select furniture, fabrics and window treatments. Thanks to modern technology, we can do a lot from a distance!

IMG_2066I arrived at the condo on March 16 and hit the ground running. In between furniture deliveries and lighting installations, it was my job to make sure the entire design came together perfectly.

We only had a few days, and there was a lot to do! I hurried to arrange furniture, and set up the design.

We still had to select accessories, artwork and more, so Janice and I shopped at every store along the Emerald Coast Parkway of Destin.

We visited some of my regular favorite stores, and found some new ones, including Belk, Stock and Trade Design Company, J. Miller’s Furniture, Patio Depot and Coast Interiors.

At Belk, we found flamingo bedding that inspired us to design an entire flamingo-themed bedroom!

On one of our outings we stopped at a local boutique that sold original paintings from local artists. The artist, Maxine Orange, agreed to commission a piece for us. Her flamingo painting is the focal point of the master bedroom and is my favorite part of the entire design!

The completed project is laid back, fun and definitely Floridian!

If you’re ready to design or renovate your vacation home, give me a call at 314-605-2334! I’m ready to help you bring your vision to life!