White Rooms Bring Much Needed Simplicity Back to Our Lives

All white rooms bring simplicity to an otherwise crazy life
All white rooms bring simplicity to an otherwise crazy life


Snow might not be the only thing covering the land in white this winter.

One of the most popular trends in interior design for the coming season is the all-white room. At first, the concept of an all-white room might sound clinical or boring.

But actually, the inspiration for this trend comes from our growing desire to find peace and tranquility in an otherwise crazy world. By eliminating the “noise” of colors and patterns, all-white spaces can help us achieve a space that is calming and even spiritual.

Given the current state of social and economic unrest in the world, not to mention the mayhem brought on by the current political race, most of us are looking for a place to escape and find inner peace. The goal is for that place to be in our own homes.

When we design an all-white room, it is a much more complex effort than just slapping one shade of white on every surface.

To do it properly, we layer neutrals and distribute various shades of white throughout the room to prevent the space from looking like a hospital room.

Via Coastal Living.

Via Coastal Living.

We also add a lot of texture in fabrics, art and upholstery to create visual interest and depth. Wood and metal finishes help add warmth and points of interest in the space.

Some may balk at the idea of an all-white room simply because they fear it may be too hard to keep clean. It’s an understandable concern.

If you do want the peaceful tranquility of an all-white room, but fear your children, pets or spouse would wreak havoc, consider redesigning the bathroom or kitchen with a white theme. Surfaces there are more resilient and easier to clean.

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