Wallpaper Is Back And Better Than Ever

Wallpaper is making a comeback.Nobody panic, but wallpaper is making a comeback!

I think when most people hear “wallpaper,” they immediately cringe and have flashbacks to the days of hideous florals and birdhouse borders. The kind of wallpaper that had three parts – a top design, a decorative border and another entire design on the bottom.

People used one border on the top of the wall and another in the middle. Some even covered walls floor-to-ceiling in two or three combinations of borders and patterns! It was wallpaper overload to say the least!

Wallpaper is notoriously hard to remove as well, adding to it’s bad reputation. Prospective home buyers dread seeing rooms covered in the stuff, knowing that hours of scraping and peeling lie ahead.

But now, newer, better versions of wallpaper are on the market. Wallpaper is back with a vengeance!

Some of the designs and textures are gorgeous! I never thought I’d say this – but I LOVE WALLPAPER!

I’ve seen wallpaper that is bedazzled! There is wallpaper that looks like cork, linen, grasscloth, denim and almost every fabric or texture imaginable.

I’ve recently used some of these wall treatment in bedrooms, dining rooms and powder rooms.  Every client has been amazed and in love with the finished product.

And the permanency, hard-to-remove bit? There’s even a solution for that now!

I ran across a company at market in High Point called Tempaper. Their product is a self-adhesive, repositionable and removable wallpaper.

If you’re tempted to try wallpaper, but still reeling from peeling and scraping battle wounds, this might be your best bet!

Or you can always contact me! I’ll walk you through the selection process and make sure you love your finished walls!