Triptych Inspires Living Room Redesign

IMG_8166I like to think of it as my “sixth sense of style.”

When I’ve been working with an interior design client for a long time, I begin to anticipate their taste and style almost as well as I know my own.

So when I’m browsing a magazine or perusing the aisles of a store, I’m not just looking for items for myself or a current project.

On some level, I’m also on the subliminal hunt for décor that might suit any one of my clients.


IMG_8129While on a recent business trip to Springfield, Ill., I visited the local shops to see if I could find any must-have treasures.

When I stumbled upon a shop called the Merchant House and saw these three framed pictures, I just knew they would be perfect in the living room of my longtime client Connie Nave.

I wasn’t actually searching for décor for Connie’s living room, but these pictures were right there in front of me, begging to be incorporated into her design.

At that point, I had designed nearly every room in the Nave home except the living room. When I discovered those pictures, I sent photos of them to Connie to get her thoughts.

IMG_8151It didn’t take her long to decide she had to have them! I called the Merchant House the next day and asked them to hold them for us.

Those pictures, a triptych of single flowers, were the inspiration for the entire redesign of the Nave living room and dining room.

They are the perfect color, scale and design for the Nave home, and guided us in our selection of fabrics and colors for the entire room.

I love when you have a design element that sets the mood for the room and these art pieces were just that.

IMG_8171That’s why my “sixth sense of style” is always on overdrive. You just never know when the perfect element is going to appear right in front of you!

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