Taking the Fear Out of Interior Design

As I grow my business, I’ve come to realize that many people see interior design as a service accessible only to the upper class.

It is viewed in some circles as a service of luxury, right up there with personal chefs and chauffeurs.

But in my eyes, my work as a designer isn’t meant only for those in the mansions of gated communities.

In fact, I have shared my design talents with people from all walks of life.

Whether I’m helping a new homeowner develop a floor plan or I’m helping redesign an outdated bathroom, I am comfortable working with any budget and in any home – large or small.

My goal is to make each client feel comfortable with me, and open to the concept of interior design.

Perhaps what frightens people off is the unknowns involved when it comes to hiring an interior designer.

I understand that hiring any individual to perform a service is nerve-wracking, particularly when you don’t know how long it may take or how much it will cost in the end.

That is why I recently came up with a special offer to address those concerns. I decided that if I offered flat upfront fee for four hours of my services, I could eliminate some of the worry about costs, and show potential clients how affordable interior design can be.

I’m also keenly aware just how often many of us start a remodeling project and then get sidetracked or stuck.

This offer is a fantastic way to allow me to help you finish that half-started remodel OR jumpstart that project you’ve been dreaming about for years!

Contact me today and we’ll get started!