Skip the Cheesy Souvenirs – Come Home with Accessories You’ll Cherish

It’s summer, so vacation season is in full swing. Choose tasteful mementos over tacky souvenirs.
No matter where you travel, you’ll likely see shops full of hundreds, if not thousands, of souvenirs to bring home. While it’s tempting to nab inexpensive trinkets like snow globes, shot glasses or bobbleheads, it’s better to get a less cheesy memento you’ll cherish for years to come.
Few of us end up displaying that Gulf Shores paperweight or the Colorado commemorative plate. Instead, these kinds of souvenirs are relegated to a box in the basement, out of sight and out of mind.
I’ve learned to choose my “souvenirs” carefully, and opt for home accessories that I will want to display in my home.
I just returned from a two-week vacation to Orlando. It was a great trip, so I wanted to bring home something tangible that would make me smile and think of the fun times we had as a family.
Three years ago when we were in Orlando I scoured the shops until I found a beautiful, white glossy picture frame. Yes, it has the characters that Orlando is famous for, but they are carved tastefully into the frame.
The frame has just enough Disney to remind me of our trip, but is also attractive enough that I don’t mind displaying it in my home.
The first souvenir I bought in Orlando was a gorgeous picture frame.Last year on our trip, I got a silver frame and this year I found another frame on a pedestal. Together, they’ll make a tasteful display that will remind me of the fun we had.
I know photo frames might not be your first choice for a memento, but they fit with my decor in my house. Whatever souvenir or memento you choose, make sure to consider your home’s style and decor.
One of my favorite things to do when on the hunt for souvenir treasure is visit the local artists shops. You might find a piece of pottery, a painting or a rug that will look fantastic in your home. You’ll be happy to display these kinds of souvenirs, and won’t cringe when you have to dust 37 shot glasses.
If you’re on a budget, Christmas ornaments are the perfect souvenir. I buy an ornament on every trip, and each holiday season I enjoy putting all my special ornaments up and reminiscing about our trips.
Even if the ornaments are a wee bit cheesy, they’re only on display once a year.
So wherever you travel, try to avoid the “throw-away” souvenirs and opt for a memento you’ll want to show off.