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Holiday Design

We love all the holidays – Halloween, Easter, even Fourth of July! But Christmas is by far our favorite here at JSB Designs.   


We love Christmas so much that we use our design talents to help clients create gorgeous holiday displays in their homes.


As you can see from the photos, we’re not in the business of untangling boxes of  half-lit twinkle lights and stringing up mismatched ornaments that were tucked away in someone’s attic.


What we consider “holiday design” is a more elevated take on traditional Christmas decorating.


We meet with clients months before the holiday season begins, discuss their vision for what they dream their home can look like during Christmas, and go through the decorations they already have. From there we discuss budget and timeline.


In some cases, we don’t have to buy much because the client has an array of gorgeous – and often, very beloved – decorations we can use. In others, the client wants to start fresh and sends us out to shop for an entirely new look. Both scenarios are fun – how could we not enjoy spreading Christmas cheer?


If we can help turn your home into a magical winter wonderland this year, please call us at 314-605-2334 to learn more!