Sentimental Touches and Designer Elements Mingle for a Timeless Holiday Decor

10Decorating this home for the holidays is one of my biggest seasonal projects of the year.

It’s also one of my favorite.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been helping my clients get this majestic Old Warson home ready for the holiday season.

The interior design of the home is traditional, so it is only fitting that the holiday décor is classic and timeless as well.

We mix traditional red, green and gold design elements with the homeowners’ sentimental ornaments and decorations.

He’s been collecting nutcrackers for years, so we display those in the bar area, including the life-sized version that stands in the corner. In the kitchen, we display her collection of snow globes along the counter top.

On Thanksgiving, the family puts up the huge tree in the great room. They lovingly put on the ornaments, each one holding a special meaning for the family. Then they string cranberries and popcorn to be draped on the branches.

Decorating that tree is a tradition they love and one I admire. Unlike the other trees in the home, that tree isn’t what you’d call “designer.” Still, it might be the most beautiful.

13Perhaps what I love most about this holiday décor is how well the personal, sentimental touches mix with the designed elements.

Though we chose the mantle arrangements years ago, it still looks as beautiful as the first time we installed it. The traditional red and white stockings add that perfect touch of whimsy and charm to the room.

Because the rooms are large, we’ve been able to “think big” when creating this holiday design. It takes three of us to hoist the massive wreath in the hearth room into its place above the mantle.

The two festive trees in the foyer seem to shout “Merry Christmas” to anyone who enters the home. The gold, red and green color scheme compliments the wallpaper and furniture, and adds just the right amount of sparkle.

In the dining room, the gold tablecloth, glass trees and centerpiece arrangements create a stunning setting for the family to share their holiday meals.

When the last candle is lit and the final ornament is hung, I love to stand back for a moment to see our handiwork.

Though I have decorated this home for more than 10 Christmases, it still takes my breath away to see the finished holiday design.

If I can help make your home holiday-ready, contact me at And as always, it would be my pleasure to make your vision for your home a reality.