Overcoming Design Obstacles

NIMG_0405early every space has obstacles that must be overcome to create a functional, aesthetically-pleasing design.

Maybe the space doesn’t have enough light, or has a load-bearing wall that can’t be moved. Whatever the obstacle, a good interior designer can help you overcome it and complete a successful design.

One of my favorite design projects included many obstacles. My client wanted to remodel a bathroom in her historic Kirkwood home. The space was very small, but the client had a long list of ideas and “must-haves” for the bathroom.

Added to the size of the space was the age of the home. While I adore old homes, they can be tricky because you never know what obstacles might be hiding beneath the surface.

Until you start demolition, you can never know if you’re going to run into plumbing issues, bad wiring, poor wall structure, 15 layers of wallpaper – there are countless potential obstacles in older and even newer homes.

IIMG_0398n the design of the bathroom, I had to create a concept that was both functional and true to the overall design. In the end, the project turned out beautiful and the client was thrilled.

I have to admit, even I was surprised at just how good it came out!

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