My Top Three Interior Design Trends for 2016

bedroom interior designCreative design is a fickle beast in so many ways. Everyone has their own interpretation of “good” design based on their own experiences and preferences.

Still, as a designer, I’m acutely aware of the “trends” – the hot colors, styles and decorating concepts that everyone is talking about right now.

I encourage my clients to find their own style, and to choose what they like without worrying too much about “what’s in style.” Frankly, I don’t always love the latest trends in interior design, and I’m certainly not going to advise a client to choose a color they hate just because it’s in style.

Jumping on the “in-style-right-now” bandwagon is a risky game because it can seriously date your space. Who remembers the burgundy and hunter green of the 1990s?

Still, even though I don’t always adhere to the latest trends, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t able to recognize them and share them with my clients.

So here they are, my take on the hottest trends of 2016.

  • Gray is the new beige! In my first year in the design field everything was beige – walls, countertops, etc. Now everything is GRAY!
  • Vintage furniture is huge! I’m a big fan of the vintage look, whether you buy something new that looks old or you give new life to a old piece of furniture.  I love going to these vintage markets and seeing what they can come up with.  The new Shabby Chic of design!
  • Paint! Yes, of course, paint has been around forever. But I’m not just talking about walls. These days if you don’t like something you can paint it! Fixtures, tiled walls, countertops, cabinets, furniture – the options are endless. Paint fixes everything – if you do it properly.

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