Modern Accent Walls Are Full of Texture, Unique Finishes

Wood treatments on walls, like this unique design, are the new answer to "accent walls."

Wood treatments on walls, like this unique design, are the new answer to “accent walls.”

When you hear the term “accent wall,” you probably envision a boldly-colored wall in a room otherwise surrounded in a sedate color like beige, white or gray.

Thanks to their non-committal appeal, accent walls have become a staple in the design world over the last few decades.

They are an easy way to add drama, depth and color to a room without committing to four walls of a powerful hue like red, aqua or mustard.

But now, accent walls are getting a whole new look.

Instead of just a coat of paint, designers are adding texture and interesting coverings to walls to make them stand out.

Upholstery – yes, upholstery – has become one of the most popular ways to cover a wall and make it pop!

Homeowners and designers choose a fun fabric, upholster panels and make a screen on a wall behind a sofa, chairs or even a bed!

Accent walls aren't just for paint colors anymore!

Accent walls aren’t just for paint colors anymore!

Even more out of the box are the exterior materials being brought indoors.

Designers are using wood panels, shutters, metal, fretwork and even raw materials like twigs, bark and stone on walls to create texture, depth and interest.

Like I always say, there really aren’t any limits to where you imagination can take you in design!

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