Make Your Design Come to Life with Living Plants

Image courtesy of All Modern.

Finally, spring has sprung in the St. Louis area! This time of year always has me yearning for bright colors, sunshine and open windows.

One home decorating concept I’m really loving to bridge the gap between winter and summer is the resurgence in houseplants. While this idea may give you flashbacks of your grandma’s mumus and macrame plant hangers from the 70’s, indoor plants are definitely making a comeback.

Images from Better Homes & Gardens.

I just love a pop of color in a room and all the shades of green that houseplants offer can be the perfect addition to any room. According to, the color green makes us feel safe and secure. So it’s no wonder that we all love to see a green plant nearby!

The lush green hues that plants provide will compliment pretty much any color scheme from neutral beiges and grays to bolder colors like navy and coral. This means that you don’t have to decorate with green to incorporate an indoor plant. The colors will work well with any palette.

Images from Better Homes & Gardens.

Images from Better Homes & Gardens.

Some great options of low maintenance houseplants include the rubber tree, pony tail palm and ZZ plant. These can grow to be a pretty good size so if space is a concern, opt for smaller plants like succulents or air plants.

Check out Better Homes & Gardens at for a list of plants that thrive indoors.