KonMari Your Home to Spark a Clean Interior Design

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Junk drawers, overstuffed closets, utensils that do who-knows-what…..we all have items in our house that don’t get used or really even have a place.


But when we think about great interior design, a space that has a minimal amount of clutter always makes for a cleaner, more functional design.


While we can incorporate storage into our design to help with that problem, it’s always easier if we don’t have to make the entire focus of a living space like a bedroom or living room all about where we can hide oodles of stuff.


Still, I know keeping a home tidy is a constant struggle.


Marie Kondo, a Japanese organization expert, thinks she has a solution for all of us pack rats.


The KonMari Method


It seems like everywhere I go lately people are talking about the new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Kondo has been around for a while, you may remember her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which was popular a few years ago.

The concept is pretty straightforward; keep the possessions that bring joy to your life and discard the rest….easier said than done, am I right?


Via https://www.onekingslane.com

Via https://www.onekingslane.com

It’s so easy to hang on to the things around your house because you once loved it or you think you might need it – someday. But I think we can all agree that a house free of clutter makes us feel better, and frankly, makes our chosen accessories and design elements look better.


Besides, a tidy house is so much m

ore relaxing and welcoming.


According to the KonMari method, as it’s being referred to in the media, we should pick one area of the home – think clothing, kitchen items, paper -. then examine each item in that category. If the item is something that holds value and makes you happy, keep it. If it doesn’t, time to say so long to that particular item.



I think this is a great avenue for organization because it is targeted to one area of the home at a time.

messy papers

Rather than a whole-house shakedown, this can be done over time so it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming. I love this account from onekingslane.com of one woman’s experience and how she felt six months after following the guidelines.


If you’re ready to jump on the KonMari bandwagon, check out these tips for getting started from elledecor.com. Then Netflix and chill while you watch the show!


Then, when we’re ready to launch into a redesign or a refresh, we’ll have a blank slate – or at least, a collection of your most-loved accessories and belongings – to work with.


Contact me any time to learn more about how streamlining can improve your interior design!