A Complete Design Overhaul Isn’t Always the Answer

There are some interior designers who will get so excited about a new project that it becomes more about them than you.

You know the type — their eyes light up the minute you mention the need for an upgrade, and they start pushing major changes that would surely make the space look fantastic, but would just as surely cost you a huge chunk of your savings.

A complete design overhaul is their default mode.

Well, I’m going to be upfront here: You don’t want to hire that kind of designer.

The truth is, remodeling isn’t an all or nothing proposition. There are degrees of updates possible with almost any project. A good interior designer will tell you that, right from the get-go.

Sometimes A Few Impactful Upgrades Can Go A Long Way

When a client calls me, one of the first things we discuss is how deeply they want to delve into a project. We talk realistically about costs and expectations and needs. Then we break it down so the client has a good grasp on the minimum and maximum that could be done to freshen up their space.

The way I see it, my job is to present options, not to push them.

Let me walk you through an example of this.

Say you were interested in updating your bathroom vanity. This could be a decent sized project or a quick and easy refresher, depending upon your wants and needs.

If I were working with you on this, we’d explore the following options:

  • A quick and easy fix: This is a route we would consider if your existing vanity was in good shape and functioning well. No need to buy all new everything if you can save money and effort by working with what you’ve got. Simply switching out the hardware can go a long way in updating a vanity’s look. A new coat of paint is also a thinker, especially if you already have all that hardware removed from your cabinets and drawers.


  • The happy medium: If you were feeling slightly more ambitious but wanted to stay on a smaller budget, I’d suggest a happy medium. We’d keep the existing vanity, but go beyond new hardware and fresh paint by also addressing the vanity top. Here again, there’d be a range of options. We could replace the sink or fixtures, and/or we could consider a new countertop. Did you know you can get remnant pieces of granite or quartz (pieces that are left over from a larger countertop project) from a number of local fabricators? It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new slab. And remnants are usually the perfect size for bathroom vanities. Don’t forget the possibility of bringing in new mirrors or light fixtures. Again, you could choose to do one or all of these things. It’s about finding what is right for you!


  • The overhaul: While a design overhaul isn’t always the answer, sometimes it is exactly what you want or need. So we will always consider this option, alongside the others. Bringing in a whole new vanity eliminates a lot of in between steps, giving you the fastest route to a fresh look. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. I pride myself on being able to find products at a great value for my clients. Again, it’s all about exploring our options!

Now here’s the cool thing: No matter which option we choose, I think you will be pleased. Because the vanity is such a focal point in a bathroom, updating just this one piece can transform the entire space. Check out the vanity makeovers on this Better Homes & Gardens slideshow  and you will see what I mean!

As always, I’m happy to talk with you individually to discuss your options. So give me a call and let’s get started!