Holiday Season or Everyday, Fireplaces Bring the Warmth

Fireplaces bring warmth

Fireplaces bring warmth to a homeIn my recent blog, I showcased a beautiful home remodel that began with a fireplace facelift. My client found a picture in a magazine of a fireplace she loved and asked me to transform hers in a similar style.

That one magazine clipping spiraled into a makeover of the fireplace, the living room, the kitchen, the bar area and the powder room. As a matter of fact, I’m still working on some rooms in that house! That project really got me thinking about how the fireplace is a focal point of the home.

For generations, families gathered around the hearth for warmth, meals, music, games and quality time together. In modern times, we now have furnaces, stoves and televisions…..but we still tend to gravitate towards the fireplace when the family gathers.

I mean, the stockings aren’t hung by the Samsung with care! The fireplace, whether wood burning, natural gas or faux, is a central part of the home.

As such, it’s only fitting that the fireplace should take center stage. Like other aspects of interior design, the fireplace is a great place to reflect different styles and trends.


Fireplaces bring warmthModern

If your decor leans toward the modern you’ll want a fireplace that exudes a contemporary vibe. Think clean lines, maybe a sleek tile or marble surround, a skinny mantle or even forego the mantle all together.

Look for unique features in modern fireplaces. I love the look of a modern fireplace with the gas log surrounded by stones; such a cool look!

In keeping with the style, modern fireplaces tend to be pretty monochromatic. White, black gray colors are usually spotlighted.

This gallery from has some to-die-for modern fireplace designs!


In stark contrast to modern, traditional fireplaces feature ornate details, hefty mantles just begging to be decorated and a variety of materials.

Traditional fireplaces often feature wood surrounds but can show up with brick, tile, or marble in the mix as well.

Often you will see built in shelves on either side of a fireplace (a decorators dream!) as this style definitely lends itself more to adding accessories, family photos and knicknacks to the mix.

This tends to be the most common fireplace and for good reason–these classic beauties will never go out of style. As these photos from illustrate, traditional style fireplaces are anything but boring!


modern farmhouse fireplaceModern Farmhouse

Arguably the most popular style right now, the “modern farmhouse” style is versatile and, I believe, will stand the test of time.

The most recognizable feature of a true modern farmhouse fireplace is that of “shiplap” or horizontal wood planks covering the wall.

Painted brick, patterned tile and other materials fit into this category as well. Muted colors such as white and gray usually are the trademark of the modern farmhouse.

Not every home is lucky enough to be equipped with a fireplace but for those that are, gather your family on a cold winter night for games, stories, whatever you enjoy!