Fall in Love with Autumn Decor

Five Easy Ways To Bring Fall’s Splendor Into Your Home

tablescapeI absolutely LOVE Fall. To me, it speaks of transitions. The kids are off to school, the summer clothes have been packed away, the slow cooker suddenly has major appeal. This season is all about changes and your home should be no exception! A warm and cozy interior is the perfect balance to that crisp autumn air that marks the season.

And good news: You don’t need an overhaul. The key to transitioning your decor is introducing new colors and textures through your accents, textiles and tableware.Throw in some mood lighting and you’re off to the races!

Here are five tried and true ways to update a home for the season, including some tips on decor “trends” right now.

Remember, all these ideas can be easily updated in the months and years to come as the styles change!⇼ Fall In Love

  • Photo credit: www.homedit.com

    Photo credit: www.homedit.com

    Throw pillows, throw pillows and more throw pillows.

Did I mention throw pillows? Seriously — there’s no easier way to transform a room. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate some of the season’s hottest colors. Think deeper, richer hues: Peacock blue or a bold navy, or jewel tones like an intense plum or bright berry. Orange is also big right now, in earthy shades like mustard or terracotta. Pair the orange with the jewel tones for eye-catching contrast. Too much for your existing decor? Then maybe stick to neutrals, but ramp up the texture with chunky knits and pom poms.

  • Accessorize like it’s your job.

Use a mantel or console table as a hosting ground for an ever-changing rotation of accent pieces. Have a few staple items that can be displayed year-round, then mix in seasonal pieces as you see fit. Artisanal products, especially those that are globally-inspired, are incredibly popular right now. They also happen to be perfect for fall. The right vases, table lamps or decorative boxes can give you just enough rustic or folk-art feel, without going overboard. Think in terms of materials: Brass is back, as is any kind of hammered metal. And terracotta isn’t just a hot color. Bring it into your home in its original form with clay pots or bowls. DIY-Fall-Inspired-Decor-with-Nuts

  • Trim your table.

Bring the same fall fun to your kitchen or dining room table. Spruce up your year-round table settings by adding some antiqued wood or hammered metal charger plates, or bring in more of that orange that is so popular right now with a new set of salad bowls or a table runner. Add texture with some natural fiber place mats. And don’t forget the centerpiece! Be creative here — yes, a flower arrangement can freshen up a place, but why not save your flowers for vases and make this a spot for something more whimsical? Play off nature or the idea of a harvest. Maybe scatter some felt acorns around pillar candles or place white and orange gourds in a clay or wooden bowl

  • Layers aren’t just for your wardrobe.

Find yourself throwing on a jacket or sweater to combat the chill in the air? Your home needs to bundle up too! Swap out your lighter throws for heavier, chunkier blankets  — or if you are feeling wild, try some faux fur. Drape these textiles over your sofa or bed, or pile them in some baskets that you set on your hearth. Don’t forget that you can layer rugs too! This is a surefire way to double up on texture. If combining patterns makes you woozy, start simple: Make your base a neutral, such as a sisal rug, then top it with a smaller patterned rug (maybe even an animal print!). Remember to leave at least a foot or two around the border of the smaller rug for contrast.

Photo credit Country Living Magazine

Photo credit Country Living Magazine

  • Bring the outdoors in.

Organic and earthy materials have been big this year and they carry easily into the fall. You don’t have to be extravagant here — it could be as simple as a set of marble coasters or picture frames (The stark white marble that was popular over the summer has gone glam. You’ll start seeing a lot of sleek pieces with darker veining or black borders for contrast.). Consider adding some silver birch logs to your fireplace for an outdoorsy but elegant look. Maybe gather some curly twigs from your yard and place them in a shimmery vase or a copper bowl with a rich patina.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget lighting! Candles can be mixed into any of the settings described above to bring that perfect warm glow to your autumn nights. Go for some variety — try floating tea lights in a bowl for your bathroom, or mix and match antique candlesticks for an eclectic entryway display. Add a pillar candle to any vignette for anchoring warmth.

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