Fall Decorating with Color and Style

img_9782Before the calendar even flips to September, I’m already itching to start my fall decorating.

I love autumn – the colors, the weather and the mood. I’m also a fan of all the holidays that follow.

I encourage my clients, and honestly, anyone who will listen, to take advantage of the changing seasons and every major holiday to switch up their home and office design with fun, but tasteful, decor and accessories.

There are so many affordable, gorgeous options out there, why not decorate your space for the season?

Obviously, if you want your home or office to have a truly top-notch, right-out-of-the-magazine look for fall or any holiday, I’d have to advise hiring a pro, like, well – me. (And I do have a range of options to fit any budget.)

But if you want to decorate your space yourself, I do have a few tips.

When it comes to decorating for a season, whether it’s spring or fall, go lightly on the holiday-themed decor unless you plan on switching your decorations midway through the season.

So if you’re putting up your fall decorations on September 1, maybe nix the hordes of sparkly witches and ceramic ghosts unless you’re planning to take them down after October 31.

img_9775Instead, opt for tasteful, seasonal decorations that can last through Thanksgiving, such as pumpkins, gourds or wreaths.

I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t have Halloween-specific decorations. Just use them strategically in your overall seasonal design so they can be removed after the holiday without totally redoing the decor.

I also like to use florals in my fall decorating as much as possible. Mums are readily available in a variety of fall colors, and make for great indoor and outdoor decor alongside pumpkins, straw bales (miniature and square) and ears of corn.

Any time I put up seasonal or holiday decor, I consider the permanent design of the home or office space. For instance, if the room is painted taupe and the furniture is red, those are excellent colors to play off an earth tone seasonal decor theme.

If, however, the room is bright pink, I might want to think about choosing seasonal decor that is mostly yellow or another complimentary color. Essentially, try to work with what’s already in the room.

As always, I’m available to walk you through any ideas you have, to shop with you or to help layout your permanent or seasonal design. Just email me at jill@myjsbdesigns.com!