Enjoying Whole House Redesign One Room At A Time

15337600_934191576713506_479486765587581029_nI love them, but boy do those home remodeling shows give us a false sense of reality.

In 30 minutes, they tear down walls, rip out cabinets, repaint walls, shop for accessories, custom order furniture, install new flooring and voila – the homeowners have a brand new space before the credits roll!

Any sane person should know that in the real world, it sometimes takes designers more than 30 minutes just to do their first walk through of a space!

Those “snap your fingers and it’s done” TV shows are making us all hunger for instant gratification.

It’s hard enough on clients – and even on designers – to wait for a project to progress.

When we’re redesigning a whole house, it’s especially hard to wait for the entire project to be completed to see results.

Sometimes we’re waiting on flooring or a custom piece of furniture, other times we have to work around holidays or a contractor’s schedule.

That’s why when we get one room completely finished it’s a major accomplishment worth celebrating!  Sure, the entire house may not yet be completely ready for a magazine spread, but that one room is absolutely perfect!

We recently reached this point in this whole house redesign and I have to say, my clients were as giddy as I was.

15078728_934191720046825_305984105973699253_nYes, we’re still waiting on furniture in their daughter’s room, and a new kitchen table and chairs – but the master bedroom is complete and fabulous!

We’re pretty excited about the progress we’ve made. My clients have lived in this home for a year, and she was ready to punch up the design with some color.

There was a lot of brown in the home, so I wanted to play off the rustic lodge feel. I shopped at more than dozen stores to find the right accessories, bedding and treatments for the master.

As you can see from the photos, the other rooms are shaping up nicely with accessories. I love the moose we found for the kitchen, and the feather pieces we’re using in the powder room.

My favorite is the display piece we created for the hallway by adding family photos to old windows from the Wharf Street Inn in Hermann, Mo. I just love it!

We’re still waiting on window treatments and furniture in the living room, but I know it will be just as perfect when it’s finished.