Designing A Bedroom That Inspires Happiness

IMG_0524My clients may not be able to tell me in interior design terms what they want from a room, but they almost always know how they want the space to make them feel.

I certainly don’t expect my clients to know terms like “transitional” or “mid-century modern.” For me, I’d actually prefer to hear how they want to feel in the room or use the space.
My longtime client Connie, for instance, wanted to walk into her bedroom and feel “happy.”
As I’ve worked with Connie over the years, I’ve learned a lot about her tastes. I know she adores green and loves any decor with birds.
So it might have made her temporarily happy to have green walls and 100 bird statues in her bedroom, but it would never have lasted.  You can have too much of a good thing.
I try to accommodate her tastes without designing the entire house to look like a St. Patrick’s Day parade ran into an aviary. Instead, there are touches of bird decor and green in almost every room.

IMG_0494When we first started the design project for the bedroom, we chose the bedding first so that we could build the rest of the room around it. I offered Connie two options – a subtle cover with a white background and an array of accent colors, and then a large floral print with coral as the primary color.

Though I was certain she would choose the more subtle option, she surprised me by opting for the coral!

We selected window treatment fabrics that compliment the bedding and then came up with a cornice board design that I absolutely love.  The panels beneath the cornices are fastened by bird hold backs I found on Etsy – the subtle hints I was talking about earlier.

Connie loved them!

We painted the bench at the end of the bed and recovered it with a new fabric. We also ordered the chaise from a local furniture store and found accent pillows to finish the piece.

The artwork above her bed, purchased at Brody’s Lamps, pulls the entire room together. We added in the fun accessories and subtle touches to complete the room.

Connie loves the finished room and says it does indeed make her very happy.

She even has a Christmas tree to match her room!