Design Faux Pas – One Mistake to Avoid


Making the most – and the best – of the space you have!

Interior design is a subjective art, so I’m never quick to say a design is “wrong.”

While I believe an open mind is key to the creative process, there are a few basic rules of thumb that are instrumental to a design that works well.

One of these concepts is scale.

As an interior designer, nothing bugs me more than walking into a gorgeous home and seeing that the scale is all off. For example, if you have a massive, two-story great room – miniature furniture or accessories is a big no-no.

The key is to find accessories and furniture that fit your space – and I don’t mean literally “fit.”  Cramming a massive, over-stuffed 10-seat couch in a small room is never a good idea.

I love Home Goods as much as the next guy, but just because something is a good deal and fits the space doesn’t mean it works.

The scale of your accessories is just as important. Lamps, for instance, need to be the right height and have the proper shade size and style to fit the room. Don’t use miniature lamps next to your bed!

Scale is everything – it makes or breaks a room. So next time you’re picking out furniture or accessories, consider the scale in terms of your space. Better yet, call me and I’ll help you!