Create Curb Appeal with Hints of Your Interior Style

IMG_6782Anyone who has ever tried to sell a house knows the value of important curb appeal.

The exterior of your house, particularly the front porch and side facing the street, is the public face of your home. It’s the only glimpse of your personal style that most people will ever see.

For this reason, make sure yards, patios and porches well-kept and tidy.  Even the smallest and oldest homes can look charming and attractive with some spruced-up landscaping and porch decor.

I believe the outside of your home is like beautiful wrapping paper that hints at the style and decor inside those four walls.Make outdoor decor fun and appealing.

Thankfully, there are endless options available to decorate your exterior spaces. Colorful indoor/outdoor rugs, lanterns, wreaths and outdoor furniture are great touches that make the outside of your home stand out. If you’re on a budget, a few colorful outdoor pillows, well-placed yard ornaments (tasteful ones) or even pinwheels can make a big impact!

Flowers and plants make the exterior of your home seem welcoming and lush, especially if they’re planted in decorative or colorful pots. Take your “street-view style” up a notch by painting your front door a bold color that hints at your inside color scheme.

Whatever you choose, make your exterior decorating fun! This is the place to show off your style to the world.

And if you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to give me a call! I love designing outdoor spaces!