Cottagecore, the Hottest Trend Since Baked Bread


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The events of the last year have forced us to change a lot about the way we live our lives. From work and school to shopping and celebrating milestones, we’ve had to adapt nearly every aspect of day to day life.

Changes in our environment are naturally reflected in our lifestyle choices, from our clothing to our homes. That’s why I have not been surprised to see a design style called “cottagecore” take off in the past few months.

Cottagecore is aptly named because the design elements are indicative of cottage charm. The trademarks of cottagecore are small prints, fresh florals and quilted blankets.

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Cottagecore was not born during Covid; it has been around for a few years. Still, the style is definitely enjoying it’s moment as the “hot” trend right now.

As people have spent more time at home, many of us have experienced a slower pace. Some have dabbled in new hobbies such as bread making, gardening and sewing – all activities that lend themselves to a cottagecore lifestyle and design aesthetic.


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Cottagecore is reminiscent of the past; of simpler, more self-sufficient times. Elements of the cottagecore style can include oil paintings, a crocheted potholder, or antique crystal goblets.

When I think of cottagecore design, I envision a style marriage of Laura Ingalls and Jane Eyre. Vintage mirrors, pitchers brimming with wildflowers, calico prints, and stacks of books on the side table – all throwbacks to bygone eras that still somehow never go out of style.

Of course, cottagecore is not all about interior decor. So, if you really want to embrace the movement you’ll need to get some long flowy dresses, pick a bouquet of flowers and pop a loaf of bread in the oven.

This style seems to invoke feelings of comfort, peace and an easy way of life. In these turbulent times, it’s no wonder people are drawn to cottagecore.

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As I see it, the cottagecore look can be pretty easily incorporated into many styles of home design. Both the modern farmhouse design and boho style have elements in common with cottagecore.

Like modern farmhouse, there’s definitely a rustic farm element to cottagecore. Muted colors, earth tones, lots of greenery are the way to go. To add a more cottagecore vibe to your modern farmhouse decor, swap out the more industrial pieces for a more romantic look with plush furniture adorned with blankets, throw pillows and lots of floral prints.

If you want to incorporate cottagecore into your bohemian rooms, keep the wicker chairs and macrame wall plant hangers but tone down the colors and incorporate some vintage pieces. Try adding a floral picture and maybe some twinkle lights.


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If you are one of the many people who have found solace in baking, cooking with fresh herbs, or making crafts like needlework during this pandemic, you may find that cottagecore is the perfect style to fit this season of your life!

It’s interesting to see how pop culture shapes us and inspires what we bring into our homes. Time will tell if cottagecore stays strong or fizzles out as we return to normal.