Bring a Little of the Beach Home with Coastal-Inspired Design Elements

img_9931If the suddenly chilly temperatures have you craving the sand and surf, don’t fret.  You don’t have to book a vacation to get a taste of the coastal living you crave – (though I won’t lie, it can’t hurt your mood to lie on the beach for a few days in January!)

A recent trip to Naples, Fla., for a project reminded me how it easy it is to bring a little of that coastal living experience to the Midwest.

Beach-inspired decor is actually quite popular right now, because it is on trend with some of the existing “hot” styles.

The wall and floor palette du jour – gray – mixes perfectly with the beachy hues of white, turquoise and coral.

A lot of my clients are favoring the white trim, whitewashed or gray cabinetry, and hardwood flooring in lighter tones that also lend themselves nicely to the coastal theme.

I’m not suggesting that everyone in landlocked Middle America should go out and buy driftwood signs that read “Beach This Way.” Let’s not get carried away.

However, I do think there is a way to incorporate tasteful, charming and beautiful elements of the coastal style into any home, regardless of proximity to an actual coast. While in Florida, I visited several shops with my client that had spectacular furniture and accessories that could be incorporated nicely into a home in the Midwest.

Peach Tree Designs and Bay Design Store, both in Naples, offer a variety of light fixtures and interesting pieces that you could use as accent pieces even if your overall theme wasn’t coastal design. If you’re ever in Naples, you should definitely drop by.

Locally, you can find beach-inspired decor at most chain home interiors stores, from Pottery Barn and Home Goods to Pier One Imports. For more authentic, everybody-won’t-have-the-same-thing pieces, try your local shops instead.

If you’re inclined to give your Midwestern home a little of that Hamptons coastal feel, you won’t have a hard time finding pieces you’ll love.

And as always, I’m available to help! Contact me at anytime and I’ll help make your home exactly what you dream it can be!