Bedroom refresh features animal print, fuschia

When a new client wants to redecorate a bedroom after 28 years, it’s always an exciting prospect. Even those of us in the design field sometimes find ourselves getting so caught up with busy life that we let decades go by without updating all the spaces in our home.

So when I received a call from a local doctor and his wife, a nurse, I felt honored to help them give their bedroom a refresh. In their busy careers in the healthcare fields, this particular room is the space where they find respite after long and stressful days.

During the initial phone call, we discussed style preferences and determined which elements of the room they wanted to maintain and which she wanted to update. We set up a walk-through of the room so I could get a better feel for the space and take measurements.

After the consultation, I knew I would be working with their existing headboard and a matching bench at the end of the bed, along with the antique secretary and a chair gifted by the hospital. The upholstery in all these pieces coordinates in neutral fabrics with a gold tone – a palette I was confident would easily work with new, updated decor.

I then began my search for the perfect elements to create a calming and luxurious space for the couple.

I typically try to present a client with three different color schemes to choose from. In this case I came up with a traditional option I knew would fit in with their current

style. The second option was still traditional, but added a slightly modern twist, and the final option – my personal favorite – incorporated a little glamour and swanky sophistication. I was secretly hoping they’d pick the third option because I knew it would bring a lot of fun to the room.

To my delight, after our discussion they did pick the third option! Full of animal prints, shades of green and pops of beautiful magenta, I knew this was outside of their comfort zone. Still, I was confident they would love the end result.

I found an embroidered silk fabric that is luxurious and elegant, but still fit with the traditional element of the client’s style. From this, we made custom drapes and pillow shams that claim your attention as soon as you walk into the room.

To contrast the traditional look of the embroidery, I paired it with an emerald cornice board in a fun, funky animal print. We used the same fabric to make a throw pillow to create the same combo of fabrics on the windows and the bed. If you look closely, you’ll notice the bedskirt is a neutral color but contains the same animal print.

I love tying these elements together in a subtle way so that everything is coordinated but not overpowering.

With the boldness of the prints already at play, I chose a beautiful but yet simple bedding set from Eastern Accents. This is so gorgeous and inviting, sometimes the most basic pieces are exactly what the room calls for!

Next, we added some nightstands from Bernhardt to display the antique lamps passed down from the clients’ grandparents. These lamps were perfect for the room! Adorned with tropical birds, they lend a slightly exotic vibe.

Sadly, they were not in working condition but Brody’s Lamps in St. Louis did an excellent job restoring the lamps. They add a sentimental touch and tie in perfectly with the decor. I just love finding these hidden gems among my clients’ possessions!

I purchased a rather modern looking ceiling fan and light combo from Minka Air. This is such a beautiful fixture that balances out the lamps. I love combining modern elements with antiques to create a completely unique but harmonious look.

Next, I added the chaise and drink table. The couple enjoys unwinding in this space so it was important to me to make sure they each had their own place to sit and relax other than the bed. This chaise is in a neutral material similar to the oversized chair which was already in the room. Both are so comfortable and provide the perfect place to lounge after a long day! With all the main pieces of the room in place I added the finishing touches. The room already had beautiful built-ins so I spruced up the shelving with a few new accent pieces which compliment the items already on display.

My client absolutely adores the black and gold boxes on the shelves, it’s funny how sometimes it’s the smallest details that really bring the room to life for the people who live there.

I added touches of green and gold accents throughout the room. From the green vases on the mantle and the lovely picture which has a green background with a gold frame to the gold mirrors from Global Views above the bed, these finishing touches are always my favorite.

This room turned out to be everything I had envisioned. My clients were so pleased that I am now working on remodeling other areas of the home. So, if you liked the transformation in the main bedroom, stay tuned, you won’t want to see what I have planned for the main living space!