Adding the Finishing Touch to a Vintage Chic Living Room Design

Living room remodel with vintage chic style

IMG_0229Client relationships start in many ways, just like friendships.

Sometimes a complete stranger contacts JSB Designs and  hires me for an entire home remodel. Other times someone I’ve known personally for decades reaches out for help with a small design project like wallpapering a powder room.

Whatever the initial circumstances may be, relationships with client almost always grow over time. And I’m happy to report that the “small” jobs usually lead to larger projects down the road.

I like to think that once a homeowner realizes how beneficial it is to work with an interior designer, it’s hard to go back to remodeling or decorating on their own!

This particular project started when my client, Becky, called to say she needed help selecting window treatments for her living room. She’d been going back and forth over window treatment styles and designs for some time and was ready to seek help from a pro.

When we first met, we talked about her vision for the room, and discussed her family’s lifestyle. It’s vital that a designer knows how a space will actually be used! Functionality is as important as aesthetic in my book.

From Becky, I learned that this is the primary living space for her family – the place where her young daughter plays and watches television, and where her husband likes to relax.

IMG_0227As the designer, I knew this meant the room had to be comfortable, welcoming and easy to clean. (Her husband has no desire to leave his shoes at the door.)

Becky loves the vintage chic look, with hints of rustic flair. Luckily, they live very close to Rosebud, Mo., a town rich with antique stores.

One of the first pieces we chose for the room was the TV console Becky found at Rachel’s Rustic Room in Rosebud. I found an area rug at Home Goods that she loved, and from there we chose the paint color.

We chose pillows to pick up the tones in the area rug and selected simple linen window panels hung from an industrial rod.

The accent wall is one of my favorite things about the room. I chose the clock first, then added the art work and accessory pieces to complete the look.

We carefully selected the remaining accessories in the room, such as the wall crate with the bottles and the cotton, to compliment the vintage vibe.

The bench, which is from Becky’s horse barn, fits into the room perfectly.

Becky  painted her sofa table white and found a cute end table to complete the space.

The result is a chic update to the room. Becky said she is thrilled that after living in the home for 10 years, the living room finally looks put together and finished.

The next project on her list is her kitchen!

Do you have a room in your home that isn’t quite “finished?” Contact JSB Designs at today so we can make your vision of home a reality!