A Window Into a Great Design Partnership

applause_web_sizeCustom window treatments can pull together an entire room. Think of it like jewelry for your home — every space needs a necklace or two!

When I am designing a room for a client, this subject almost always comes up. We talk about ways we can bring in new window treatments, or we work around what is already there.

Because window treatments – interior design lingo for draperies, curtains, shades, blinds and the like – are such a perennial part of my design work, I am always looking for ways to provide the very best for my clients.

Earlier this year, such an opportunity arose when I got the chance to partner with just the company for meeting my and your needs. I am THRILLED to announce my partnership with Eye on Design of Belleville!

Locally owned and operated, Eye on Design has been putting “jewelry” on area homes for years. They offer the full selection of Hunter Douglas shades, shutters and window fashions and will also work with products you have already purchased – a fantastic service for those of us in interior design.

They measure and install around even the toughest window designs, such as arches and angle tops. If you’ve ever tried to measure and install your own curtains or blinds, you know exactly how difficult this part can be – even on the most basic of windows.

A recent Eye of Design and JSB Designs project!

A recent Eye of Design and JSB Designs project!

But what really sets this company apart is their customer service. They pull out all the stops for their clients. They are not only committed to your happiness, but they will offer services beyond window treatments if there is a need.

Basically, they are listening to their customers and offering their services wherever they can — as they put it, why let a good carpenter go to waste?

That’s one of the reasons the partnership between Eye on Design and JSB Designs came to be. They recognized that when their clients needed advice coordinating their custom window treatments to the rest of their design, they needed an interior designer like me.

I work with the clients to discuss their needs for the room and the functionality of the windows themselves, such are these purely decorative or will they open and close.

So now, when a client comes to Eye on Design, they can rely on JSB Designs if they need interior design consultation on soft treatments. I assist in making fabric choices, and help them develop the design style of the window treatment.

Likewise, when my interior design clients need full window treatments, I work with Eye on Design to get them the very best product and service.

Together, we make a spectacular team.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about some of our joint projects!