8 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer – And What They Can Do For You

8Though many people know what an interior designer is, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it is we actually do, and who we do it for.

The biggest falsehood is that hiring an interior designer is a luxury afforded only to the very wealthy.  People equate interior designers with mansions, celebrities and multi-million dollar budgets.

But in reality, few of us are designing for the superrich. Most of us have interior design clients that are as socioeconomically diverse as the homes they live in.

It’s not a parade of mansions we’re decorating, but rather a two-story brick home and a suburban ranch, followed by an apartment in the city. We’re designing for real everyday life, and the people who live it.

So what makes people choose to spend money on an interior designer?

You’re might wonder, ‘can’t they just pick out pillows and paint by themselves?’

Sure, most adults probably could pick out some pillows and a random paint color.

But what most people don’t know is that a talented interior designer does much, much more than that.

When a client first meets with me, we talk about their creative vision, their lifestyle and their needs for the space. I work to incorporate all those things, considering functionality, style and aesthetics. I create a plan and lay out recommended steps to achieve the best possible design, whether that means simple changes like new paint and furniture, or major remodeling like knocking down walls.

IMG_0697 (2)I develop elaborate drawings and renderings of the space so they can see what the design will look like before we start. I map out the best use of the space to make sure that form and function collaborate with our aesthetic desires. I consider lighting and fixtures, textures and fabrics and identify the perfect paint color, finishes and flooring materials.

We choose custom woodwork, furniture and accessories, and I install each piece as it arrives. I oversee every contractor and am there for every step of the project until the last picture frame is hung on the wall.

Could you do all these things yourself? Probably.

So what are the benefits to hiring a professional interior designer?

  1. This one is pretty obvious, but your home will be beautiful. Each room will be thoughtfully put together, down to the smallest accessories. Your home will have your style, but with a designer’s touch.
  2. Doing it yourself costs you more money in the long run. If you choose a paint color on your own, paint the entire interior of your home and then decide you hate it, you’ve wasted money and precious time. It happens more than you’d think. Clients often come to me after they’ve spent time and money trying to go it alone only to find they’ve purchased furniture that’s too large or small-scale for the space, or got a “great deal” on the wrong type or amount of flooring.IMG_0405
  3. Designers know the ins and outs of the industry. Because we work in the industry, we know the best contractors, artisans, craftsmen and workrooms. If you want custom cabinetry, window treatments or installed tile, we know someone who will do the job right the first time and charge a decent price. We know how certain manufacturers handle the inevitable problems that arise, and how to match fabrics and finishes from one product line to the next. One of the benefits of hiring an interior designer is that we know our community and we know how to get the highest quality products and the best workmanship the first time.
  4. Renderings and drawings let you “see” your vision. A good interior designer can interpret your artistic vision for your home into a drawing. These clear and detailed drawings, which can be presented to a contractor, allow you to see and discuss what your finished project will look like before any work has even started. This visual is incredibly helpful in avoiding costly mistakes.
  5. We save you hours of frustration and stress. While it’s true that you could do some of the work interior designers do yourself, it’s also true that the work could drive you mad. Ask anyone who has tried to choose a “gray” paint color from the dozens of options in that seemingly simple tone. Each shade looks different depending on the natural and artificial light in the space, and the accent colors that will be used. One could spend hours agonizing over this one decision. Then consider stressful situations like choosing and overseeing contractors for painting, flooring installation, wallpapering, etc. It’s so much simpler to let an interior designer take the stress off your hands.
  6. We make the most of the must-haves. If there are items you want to keep (or have to keep) in your home renovation, an interior designer can make it palatable. For instance, if your grandmother’s old armchair is an heirloom you can’t part with, but is also dated and unsightly, a designer will take the initiative to get it reupholstered and add some new legs. A good designer appreciates both family heirlooms and budgets, so they understand that a fresh coat of paint can make furniture feel brand new.
  7. We offer sensible suggestions. A good designer knows that some furniture pieces are worth an investment, recognizes what those pieces are and when and where it makes most sense to use them. She also knows that it doesn’t always make sense to spend a large chunk of money on a piece or an accessory when you could buy a less expensive, but just as lovely piece. Great designers help make sure you’re not wasting your money on frivolity and are making the most sensible purchases to give you an expensive look without the expense.
  8. Interior design improves your home’s resale value. If your home looks fantastic, people will one day want to buy your home – simple as that. The value of your home increases, showings increase, and that results in a faster sale. In the end, that’s more money in your pocket.

All of these things end up in the win column for you, the client. As I said in the beginning, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it is that interior designers actually do, and why it’s important. I can assure you, if you hire JSB Designs to work on a project in your home, it will be well worth the time and money you invest!

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